Physical-Cyber Security Convergence

Bridge the gap between physical and cyber security by leveraging the Rebel Space autonomy and intelligence platform for wireless.

Developed for space, brought down to Earth.

Our core technology is being developed to support resilient space-based communications for lunar connectivity. The applications of this research extend down to terrestrial sensor networks.

Respond to wireless threats with the Rebel Space Intelligence Platform.

Improved Visibility
Wireless threat identification and characterization. Monitor wireless conditions in real-time with a wireless environment digital twin.
Predictive Analysis
Integrated data intelligence, behavior analysis, and our Rebel AI allow you to predict and flag anomalous wireless behavior.
Embedded Autonomy
Integrated autonomous platform enables collaborative spectrum assessment and machine-speed response by wireless nodes.

Use Cases

Physical Security

Protect your most critical assets and operations.

Autonomous threat detection and response in the wireless spectrum for physical security. Protect high-value assets and operations against privacy intrusion in real-time.
Logistics & Warehousing

Secure and monitor your automated wireless systems.

Improve operational security and efficiency of automated systems. Dynamically respond to known or unknown wireless events to prevent downtime of key systems and assets.
Industrial Control

Distributed sensing for industrial wireless security.

Embedded intelligence at the edge. Push AI to industrial infrastructure for enhanced security posturing, thread modeling, and distributed sensing of the wireless spectrum.

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