Secure your space

Rebel Space builds AI-powered threat detection and response software to protect wireless networks.

Security for a new-age of wireless.

AI-powered software will revolutionize performance and security for next-generation wireless networks, enabling humanity's hyper-connected infrastructure from Earth to Deep Space.
We're building Seer, our cybersecurity AI, that blends the cyber and physical components of wireless networking to autonomously secure cellular networks, space networks, and beyond. Our mission is to protect and optimize networks with intelligent systems.

Supporting Private Security Operations

Securing On-orbit Service, Assembly, and Manufacturing Networks

Introducing the Rebel Space Platform

One Platform for Integrated Wireless Security

Protect with Rebel Space. Detect, identify and mitigate wireless risks with AI-powered threat monitoring and response.

Respond at first alert.

Persistently monitor and rapidly respond to wireless events through autonomy.

Cut down on risk.

Mitigate potential network or wireless system security risks with more insight.

Data at your fingertips.

View, analyze, and understand the behavior of your wireless environment.

Our Solutions

Wireless Network Security Software

Autonomous threat detection and response software for wireless networking. Enhance security, understanding, and control over wireless operations through improved detection and authentication.

Wireless Environment Monitoring System

Our wireless environment monitoring platform supports the convergence of physical and cyber security, delivering actionable insights and intelligence in real-time for complex wireless environments.

Defense & Space Solutions

Our space and defense solutions enable secure, interoperable connectivity between diverse networked systems through our cybersecurity AI on-orbit.

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