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Building a securely connected future

Scalable intelligence for physical-layer wireless security

We engineer software to enable secure and intelligent wireless operations for your business.

Our Mission:

To build secure and intelligent wireless connectivity that ensures resiliency in humanity's increasingly connected infrastructure, from the Earth to deep space.

Our Solutions

Rebel Secure AI

Our autonomous threat detection and response software for networked edge devices gives you enhanced understanding, security and machine-speed control over your wireless operations.

Intelligence Platform for Physical Security

Our comprehensive platform supports the convergence of physical and cyber security, delivering actionable insights and intelligence in real-time for complex wireless environments.

AI Secure Space Communications

Our space-based payload enables interoperable connectivity between diverse networked systems by providing embedded AI for wireless security on-orbit.

Our software enables:


Real-time Awareness

AI-driven analytics and real-time monitoring that provide enhanced insight into your wireless environment.

Distributed Sensing

Autonomously detect, characterize, and identify wireless activity as it occurs across your business.

Multi-Agent Intelligence

Embedded intelligence that actively coordinates a response to dynamic events that occur in the physical layer.

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